Coldiron Consulting will work with an individual, group or an organization through a process of evaluating a property and the management from all sides.  Our process provides an objective look at the opportunities for your property through interviews and research both inside your organization and in market.  We then look at all functional areas of your property to develop a strategy and plan to take advantage of those opportunities.

During the business consulting project you and your management team are key to the discovery process and involved with the planning process.  The deliverable is a program that your team can implement with an ongoing review by the Coldiron Team. Our goal is to provide quantifiable business value improvement that you can leverage into stronger future results or an increased financial return if you choose to sell your property.

On-site interviews with key management staff, review of internal operations, and review of external operations to provide insight into key issues and opportunities. We review financial history that will allow us to understand current and past trends and benchmarks for future growth; We evaluate the property to insure that it is performing at its maximum potential as well as complying with all code and legal requirements; We insure compliance with industry rules, regulations and laws; and, We provide a report that outlines key areas for improvement to allow you and your management the information necessary to develop a roadmap for improvement and success.

When concerns arise about how a property is being operated, we have been hired to step into the role of the owner or asset manager, to evaluate the management of the property and to bring it back to a place where best practices are being followed. We evaluate the effectiveness of an owner’s self management; We help owners determine if their third party management is providing the services they need; We evaluate the effectiveness of staff and staffing requirements; We review the financial operations of a property; We act in place of the owner to hire and oversee a property management company, make sure the property is being management in a fiscally sound manner and in accordance with the goals and requirements of the funders; We train staff on the procedures and rules to maintain compliance; and, We assist in producing and implementing a Policy and Procedure Manual.

Everything we do is focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing our clients’ cash flow and increasing the net value of their investments as if we own it.  Additionally, our focus and goal is to maximize the quality of life for residents living and businesses operating in the properties of our clients.  We create customized management packages to meet the unique needs of our clients’ properties.  Coldiron Consulting is a nimble, experienced partner that is ready to meet your needs and enrich your strengths.

Because we are independent from any fee-management company, owner or vendor, coupled with our extensive industry experience, we are free to make the decisions that are in the best interest of our clients and their properties.

We Don't Manage Your Property...

We Make Sure It Is Being Managed Properly.

Coldiron Consulting, LLC provides consulting services and assistance to profit and non-profit owners and developers of multi-family housing.  Coldiron Consulting enters into a collaborative relationship with our clients and helps to design and take on those assignments that provide dramatic increases in growth, profitability and equity.  Coldiron Consulting provides consulting services as well as training, seminars, public speaking events and public relations.

Multi-family property solutions & services

Customized Training & Education
Our training services include consultation, needs assessment, meeting facilitation and design, development and delivery of training programs.

Benefits of employer-provided education includes:

  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Industry compliance
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Greater employee retention
  • Successful recruiting of new employees

We Help You Rethink The Way You Deliver Training

 How do we help businesses like yours meet their critical objectives?

 We offer industry focused classes, workshops and seminars that are specially designed to help individuals succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.  These classes are open to everyone and range from efficient one-time learning sessions to seminars and workshops. Courses and workshops help business professionals increase their knowledge, productivity, job satisfaction, and career success.

Professional Development For The Multi-Family Housing Industry

Today more than ever, the success of your organization is measured by the performance of your people.  In a challenging economy, outsourcing training to Coldiron Consulting, LLC, can significantly lower your expense while extending the skills and knowledge of your team members.

Coldiron Consulting is the leader in the field of training and development for the Colorado Multi-Family Housing Industry.

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